Ayia Napa Resort

The Ayia Napa resort is one of Cyprus' most visited and famous resorts. Each year it is visited by thousands of British tourists. The site is also popular with Europeans and Middle Eastern travellers. You can use low-cost airlines to get to Cyprus from many of Britain's largest airports, such as London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, and Liverpool. You can leave your vehicle at airport-parking facilities or book an airport transfer, and rent a car once you have arrived in Paphos or Larnaca (much closer) to get to Ayia Napa.

Ayia Napa is a resort located on the far eastern end of South Cyprus. It is found in the famous Famagusta District and is home to some 3,000 people. The town is a very old historical site and got its name in the Venetian era from the local monastery, which was built in a 'valley filled with trees'. The name means 'holy valley'.

Initially the settlement was a shrine that was built around the caves in honour of the Virgin Mary and is still a staunchly religious area with many pilgrimages and holy festivals throughout the year.

Geography and Location

The town is situated near Cape Greco on the eastern part of Cyprus and is part of the 'Red Villages' area. It competes with the nearby resort town of Protaras to attract the most tourists.

The resort has some 14 beaches available with many water-based activities. The beaches are all listed as 'EU Blue Flag' sites, which means they are some of the most developed tourist locations in the world with excellent facilities. Cyprus has the highest number of such beaches in the world, totaling 53.

The nearby Cape Greco area is a mutual site that is often visited by tourists from Protaras, who are looking for a more tranquil experience in the mountains after all that partying on the beaches.

Tourist Demographics

Tourists come to Ayia Napa all-year-round from Britain and have done so for at least a century, as it was a part of the British Empire and still has many connections to the United Kingdom. Tourists also visit from other European countries, especially Mediterranean ones, but increasingly there are more Eastern and Northern European visitors. International tourism has also been picking up and there are always many tourists from North Africa and the Middle East.

Activities in Town

Most people who stay in the town are interested in the night-life and the parties. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars throughout the area that offer Cypriot cuisine as well as international foods made with local ingredients. There are many local specialities available and you can try all of the fine dining options as well as the region's wine, spirits, beer and other alcoholic drinks.

The clubbing scene is also very well developed in town and you can visit the Nissi Beach, where there is live music and dancing day and night. There are many international groups who travel to Cyprus to perform at these clubs as well and two of the most popular are The Castle Club and Club Sin.

Near the Makronissos Beach - another party place - you can also visit the Waterpark and the Marina.

The Square, the central part of Ayia Napa is the hub for all the shopping, dining and night life. All of the best restaurants, clubs and bars are located around this part of town, but there are also very nice ones further out that you can easily travel to at all hours of the day or night.

Tranquil Days and History Buffs

Ayia Napa is a great place for history enthusiasts to visit. The area is one of the oldest religious sites in the region and there are also museums dedicated to marine life, natural history, marine heritage and history, sculptures, ceramics, and paintings. You can also see the ancient burial site known as the Makronissos Tombs and there is the Ayia Napa Sculpture Park.

If you are interested in outdoor activities in the mountains, then nearby Cape Greco offers cliff jumping, sightseeing, bike riding, hiking, and photography in the caves, along the cliffs, by the seaside and in the forests.

There are numerous activities available for couples as well as newly-weds; many couples visit the region to get married, have a honeymoon or even renew their wedding vows in an intimate and romantic setting.

Festivals and Other Activities

The Ayia Napa Festival is held on the last weekend of September at the monastery and it hosts historic, cultural, and agricultural exhibits on Cypriot culture. There are concerts, folk dancing and famous singers from all over Europe and the world. Each year there is also the Ayia Napa Youth Festival, where more than 10,000 people visit to see many contemporary rock, reggae, hip hop, rap, metal and pop bands perform.

Whether you spend a weekend in Ayia Napa or stake out a couple weeks of fun in the sun you will have an experience you will never forget.